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Storage service > product pack > delivery > cash on delivery
Transfer COD money to seller on time with 100% confidence 
Assist in expanding the market to Lao PDR

Transportation service between Thailand and Lao PDR
Provide transportation services of all sizes Containers, etc. 
As an assistant in the distribution of goods, the warehouse

Customs document processing service "Import and Export"
Various license application assistance services for foreign export
Sourcing services for international imports and exports


Comprehensive domestic and international delivery services

Fast delivery

within 3-14 days

perform customs formalities

correct fast


100% paid

Passed the Department of Transportation's Safety Assessment

Siri provides warehouse services. Store-pack-delivery-collect on delivery (COD) including product management as required.
Ready to manage every logistics process as easy and cost-effective as possible. for your business

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"สินค้าถูกใจ บริการว่องไว
ให้คะแนนเต็ม 10 เลย"


Chaiyabuli City, Chaiyabuli Sub-district

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